Meters & Consumption       

Radio Frequency (RF) Meter Reading

In 2012 Busselton Water completed the award winning installation project of its RF meter fleet.

The RF project was recognised in 2009 in the WA Sustainable Cities Awards for its contribution to water conservation. In 2010 the project was also a finalist in the WA Australian Water Association Awards in the category of Water Infrastructure Innovation and semi-finalist in the Regional Achievement Awards in the category of water conservation.

Early water loss detection is a significant feature of your RF meter. In the future the RF meters may provide real time information, which means more efficient management, monitoring and control of water consumption. The RF meter improves quality control and access to services by providing you with accurate usage patterns. This may help you to adjust your water usage accordingly and save money and water. For more information on water loss detection click here.

Meter Reading And Testing

The cost of your water consumption is measured by the registration of water passing through your water meter.
All meters are read three times a year in October, February and June. Although your meter is read every four months, it's is handy for you to keep a check of how much water you are using so that any unusual readings will be noticed quickly. This may happen if your internal pipes develop a leak, causing loss of water.

Where an accurate meter reading is not possible, the account usage will be estimated based on the daily average quantity of water used in a previous similar billing period. The reason for the estimation will be marked on the water invoice. For more information click here.

By reading your meter regularly you can budget for your water consumption accounts as well as monitor your consumption patterns. Customers please note: as per Section 24, Access to Meters of the Water Services Regulations 2013 Busselton Water requires that all installed meters shall be accessible to Busselton Water employees and contractors at all times by ensuring that an area 300mm horizontally and 1200mm vertically around any meter be kept clear of all obstructions (including gardens, shrubs, trees). A penalty of $1000 may apply if your meter is inaccessable.

When reading your meter, read only the black and white numbers.  Looking at the dial of your meter you will see the main digital register. The first four digits are white on a black background (these are whole kilolitres - 1 kilolitre = 1,000 litres) and the other numbers will be white on a red background (these are litres). You are only charged for the number of whole kilolitres you use. 

Customers please note Busselton Water may authorise a person by Section 129 Water Services Act 2012 to enter a place without consent, notice or warrant to read a meter connected to the licensee's water service works.  

Meter tests may be undertaken as requested by customers on payment of the prescribed fee.

If you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.