Geothermal Project       

Busselton Water has partnered with the City of Busselton in the geothermal heating project at the Geographe Leisure Centre (GLC). This initiative will see significant power savings passed on to Busselton residents and a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the range of 447 tonnes per year.

The project has seen the installation of pipework from the storage tank located at Water Treatment Plant 2 on Queen Elizabeth Avenue to a heat exchange system.  The water from the storage tank is pumped through the exchange system to extract heat from the naturally warm ground water and the water is returned to the storage tank ready for distribution to customers.  The heat is transferred to water pumped from the nearby leisure centre which is pushed back to the GLC and used to heat the two swimming pools.

To view and better understand the project an indicative model of the geothermal process is located in the pool area of the GLC. Find out more here...