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Water Efficiency Management Plans

View the Water Agencies (Water Use) By-laws 2010.

In recent years, as community demand for water has increased, it is more important than ever to manage this valuable natural resource and employ water conservation measures.

In October 2007 the Board of Busselton Water formally adopted Stage 4 water restrictions in support of the State Government's 'Water-Wise' initiatives.  A stage 4 restriction is the middle-of-the road level of restrictions and is the stage recommended by the government for application in the south of the State.

The Water Agencies (Water Use) By-laws 2007 include a part dedicated to the implementation of Water Efficiency Management Plans (WEMPS).  The Board of Busselton Water has endorsed the principle that it seeks to attend to meeting the audit, management plans and other requirements mandated within the State Government's July 2007 'Waterwise Ways for WA'.

Busselton Water subsequently amended its Busselton Water Area By-laws, which were gazetted on 1 April, 2008.  These By-laws formally reflected the Board's previous commitment as outlined above.

Water Efficiency Business Program

Participation in the Water Efficiency Program aims to improve the water management processes of Busselton Water's major commercial and industrial customers.  In addition to business customers, all government agencies statewide must participate in the program.

Businesses and government agencies that use more than 20,000kl (per site) of scheme water per reading year will be required to participate in a water management assessment facilitated by Busselton Water.

The WEMP will include:

  • A profile and description of the person submitting the plan and business operations.
  • Date and results of the water management assessment
  • Water savings opportunities (including an estimate of the likely savings)
  • Water savings action plan (including timeframes)

Once the WEMP is submitted, it will last 5 years.  However, if the business changes ownership or the water use increases significantly, a revised WEMP will be required.

All businesses participating in the program will be required to:

  • Submit an annual report detailing the progress against the water-savings action plan
  • Undertake a Water Management Assessment on a yearly basis

Penalities for non-compliance

Under the Water Agencies (Water Use) By-Laws 2007 and Busselton Water's Area By-Laws financial penalties apply to customer that do not meet the mandatory requirements.


Participation in the program will result in business:

  • Gaining a greater understanding of the water management process on site
  • Focussing management on the continuous improvement of water management processes
  • Understanding water costs
  • Understanding associated water heating costs
  • Demonstrating and promoting commitment to improving environmental outcomes
  • Establishing and achieving targets to reduce scheme water use


Busselton Water will ensure that all information provided by participants of the program remains confidential.

Support / Further Information

A series of Information Sheets and Checklists have been prepared to provide business customers with water saving examples and information.  Click on the Information Links to access this information.

If you require further information please contact us on 9781 0500.