A fresh start for water users

Busselton Water is encouraging customers to take up fresh waterwise resolutions to mark the start of a new year of water use.

Starting each year on 1 July, Busselton Water ‘resets’ its customers’ water consumption charges the lowest rate per kilolitre of water. Householders are charged this rate until their cumulative water use reaches the next threshold, triggering the next higher rate per kilolitre to be charged.

Busselton Water CEO Chris Elliott explained that the tiered system rewards customers who use water wisely and are conservative in their water use all year round.

“On average, each Busselton Water residential household uses around 270 kilolitres of water every year. On 1 July, when we reset each household’s water charges back to the minimum rate per kilolitre, it’s the best time to think about how you can start saving water around the home and work – not just in summer, but all year round,” Mr Elliott said.

“Water bills are made up of two components – water consumption and a supply charge. The supply charge is a flat rate, but water consumption is calculated from water meter readings three times a year – in October, February and June.

“The rate you are charged per kilolitre for your water increases in line with your cumulative annual water consumption. So at the end of the day, if you use less water throughout the year, you’ll end up paying a lower rate for your water.”

Busselton Water has six stepped charges for water use in residential properties, set each year by the State Government:

Volume per annum                 Charge

  1. Up to 150kL $1.07 per kilolitre
  2. 151kL– 350kL $1.49 per kilolitre
  3. 351kL – 500kL $1.70 per kilolitre
  4. 501kL – 700kL $2.25 per kilolitre
  5. 701kL – 1000kL $3.15 per kilolitre
  6. 1001kL and above $3.22 per kilolitre

In addition to the water usage charge, a standard residential supply charge of $214 is charged in instalments and shown separately on each bill.

You can find more information on stepped billing on your Busselton Water invoice or on the Busselton Water website, www.busseltonwater.wa.gov.au.