Review your bill

If you think your bill is incorrect, you can ask Busselton Water to review it. The review procedure includes the following steps:

Water meter testing

Infield test
In cases where water charges have been levied when the meter is suspected by the customer of being faulty, Busselton Water will test the meter, at the customer’s request and at a time suitable to all parties. The customer is required to pay to Busselton Water, the charge for a meter test at the current rate applying. If the meter is found, on test, to be faulty (pursuant to Section 26, Water Services Regulations 2013) to the detriment of the customer, Busselton Water will:

  • Refund to the customer the charge levied for testing the meter
  • Write off the overcharged proportion of the customer’s current water consumption account and issue an amended water account (up to 12 months retrospectively at the discretion of the Managing Director)
  • Remove the faulty meter and replace it with a new meter

The owner/occupier or a representative of the owner/occupier will be required to sign the meter test form as an acknowledgement of the test results at the time of testing.

Independent test
Where the customer believes that their meter may not be reading accurately the meter can be forwarded to National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA), (pursuant to AS3565.1). The customer is required to pay Busselton Water for the cost of the independent test. The customer will be given a copy of the test result along with an explanation of the test result. If the meter is not accurate and over reading water consumption then the costs of the test will be borne by Busselton Water and the account revised accordingly.

Review outcome

Undercharged bill
On conclusion of the bill review, if it is found that the customer’s bill has been under charged Busselton Water will back charge the undercharged amount up to a period of 12 months from the date of the bill review being completed. A special bill (interest free with 12 month payment terms) will be issued.

Overcharged bill
Busselton Water will within a period of 15 business days starting on the day it became aware of the overcharge amount:

  • Credit the customer’s account and immediately notify the customer; or
  • Inform the customer of the overcharging and recommend options for how the amount overcharged may be refunded to the customer or credited to the customer’s account.

Other review request
Where the customer believes that their bill may not be correct due to another reason, Busselton Water will review the specific reason based on current Western Australian legislation:

Review completion

Busselton Water will inform the customer of the outcome of the review of the customer’s bill within 15 business days or as soon as practicable.

Appeals and complaints

If the customer is unsatisfied with the outcome of the review the customer may, but does not have to, utilise the Busselton Water Complaints Procedure and/or apply to the:

Energy and Water Ombudsman
PO Box Z5386
Perth WA 6831
2nd Floor, Albert Facey House
469 Wellington Street
Perth WA 6000
Freecall 1800 754 004
Email: [email protected]

Making an appeal from, or applying for a review of, the decision that gave rise to the complaint to the State Administrative Tribunal. You may notify us that you wish the matter be referred to the State Tribunal for review.  For more information about the State Administrative Tribunal visit