Efficiency plans

Businesses that use more than 20,000kL of scheme water each year are required to participate in a water management assessment, facilitated by Busselton Water, and to develop a Water Efficiency Management Plan (WEMP).

Water efficiency management plans

The requirements for a WEMP include the following:

  • A profile of the business and description of its operations.
  • WEMP objectives
  • Key staff members responsible for the implementation
  • Details of the water management assessment
  • Water savings opportunities
  • Water savings action plan (including timeframes)

Businesses are required to submit an annual report detailing their progress against the water-savings action plan. Once the WEMP is signed off, it will last five years unless the business changes ownership or its water use significantly increases.


Participation in the program has important benefits for business including:

  • Gaining a greater understanding of the water management process on site
  • Focussing management on the continuous improvement of water management processes
  • Understanding water costs
  • Understanding associated water heating costs
  • Demonstrating and promoting commitment to improving environmental outcomes
  • Establishing and achieving targets to reduce scheme water use


All information provided by participants of the program remains strictly confidential.

Support / Further Information

Information sheets and checklists have been prepared to help business customers develop and implement management plans. These include tools to conduct a quick assessment of your current waterwise practices and an initial water audit. You can download them all from the resources section on this page. For futher information and assistance please contact us.