In some circumstances, customers using scheme water can apply for an exemption to sprinkler bans and other water restrictions. To apply for an exemption for non-scheme water, such as garden bores, contact the Department of Water on 1800 508 885 or visit their website.

New lawns and gardens

If you have just planted a new lawn or garden you may apply for a new lawn exemption to help your garden become established.

Exemptions are usually granted automatically for the following uses:

Turf, garden and landscaping industries

Installation, repair and testing of reticulation systems: employees in the turf, garden or landscaping industries can operate a reticulation system to the minimum extent necessary while the system is being installed, maintained, tested or repaired. Testing should be limited to a maximum of two minutes per station.

Applying wetting agents and fertilisers (including verti-mowing): employees in the turf, garden or landscaping industries can apply 10mm of water immediately after the application of fertilisers, wetting agents or verti-mowing.

This exemption is not available to general customers who are expected to carry out these activities while watering on their allocated day and within allowed times.

Garden bore maintenance

Bore owners can maintain their reticulation systems throughout winter. Maintenance is limited to a maximum of two minutes per station, once a week.

Caravan parks and camping grounds

A caravan park or camping site may be watered immediately after it has been vacated. A maximum of 10mm is permitted.

Indoor plants including glasshouses

A mist spray may be used for up to one minute four times a day on indoor plants including glasshouses.

Lawn tennis courts, turf wickets and bowling greens

Scheme water users, who manage grassed covered sporting grounds can water using a reticulation system for one additional day per week (before 9am and after 6pm). This means that these uses have up to three watering days a week, all year around. This Government regulation applies to any town in Western Australia south of, and including, Kalbarri and Kalgoorlie.


Aviary keepers may activate sprinklers to keep caged birds cool.

Market gardens and plant nurseries

Market gardens or plant nurseries may be watered to the minimum extent necessary to ensure the viable operation and preservation of plant stock.

Synthetic sporting grounds

Synthetic sporting surfaces may be watered for 10 minutes before an activity is played or practiced on a sporting ground.


The minimum amount of water necessary may be used for firefighting or training for firefighting.