Water saving tips

There are many ways to save water, both inside and outside your home. If every one of us saved two buckets of water a day for a year, together our community will save 231 Geographe Leisure Centre outdoor swimming pools of water.
By dropping your water use by two buckets you’re saving close to 2 buckets of water. So how can you save two buckets?

Or consider how much water these simple actions may save you around the home:


  • Choose a water efficient dishwasher (saving you up to 15 litres or 1.5 buckets)
  • Consider using a washing bucket to clean your dishes – you can then use the left-over water on your plants (saving you 20 litres or 2 buckets)


  • Reduce your shower by one minute (saving you 20 litres or 2 buckets)
  • Swap from a bath to a 4-minute shower (saving more than 50 litres or 5.5 buckets)
  • Turn the tap off when brushing your teeth (saving you more than 13 litres or 1 bucket)
  • Install water saving devices such as aerators in your sink taps and water efficient shower heads to help reduce the flow (saving you 9 litres or 1 bucket per minute)
  • Cover the ‘full flush’ button on your toilet, so only the half flush can be used, or place a toy hippo (or any floating object) in the back of the toilet to reduce the amount of water displaced (saving you 15 litres or 1.5 buckets each day)


  • Choose a water efficient washing machine (saving your 50 litres or 5 buckets per load)
  • Catch your grey water from the washing machine with a bucket and use it on your plants (saving you between 30 and 80 litres or 3 to 8 buckets per load)


  • Fix dripping taps and remember to check for possible water leaks (saving you up to 25 litres per day or 2.6 buckets)


  • Reduce your watering times by two minutes (more than 30 litres or 3.5 buckets)


  • Instead of using the sprinklers and hose for a 10-minute backyard water fight, jump in the pool or head to the beach (saving you 600 litres or 62.5 buckets)