Waterwise appliances

Choosing more water-efficient products in your home means you can not only save water but also reduce your water and energy bills.

In Australia, many appliances and products are rated for their water efficiency under the Water efficiency labelling and standards (WELS) scheme including:

  • Showers
  • Tap equipment
  • Flow controllers
  • Toilets
  • Washing machines
  • Dishwashers

If you are about to buy a water-using product, you should compare the WELS labels on each of the items before deciding which one to purchase. The rating system is simple – the more stars the product has on the label, the less water it will use.

You can also use the WELS website to find the water rating of your existing appliances here.

European dishwashers

European brand dishwashers may require softening agents to be added to the water if the water supply is too hard.

Water hardness is measured in millimoles or mmol per litre. Australian readings are in milligrams per litre (mg/l) or parts per million (ppm).

Water in the Busselton Water licensed area is considered to be good quality.

Water hardness conversion chart:

Categorymg/1 (ppm)
Good Quality61-200