Innovation and new technology are helping Busselton Water to meet our water challenges and we are well on the way to building a fully integrated, intelligent water system.

We were the first utility in Australia to fully employ radio frequency (RF) meters to reduce costs and promote water-use efficiency. Now, all of our customers have a “smart” meter on their property which helps them understand their usage patterns so they can save costs.

The smart meter network also allows us to collect valuable information about community consumption patterns and to quickly and accurately pinpoint hidden leaks in the system. No longer do meter readers have to walk the streets. Today, the high tech meters send usage information to us wirelessly giving us rich data to better manage production and plan for future supply.

The meters also communicate with our plant control systems and GPS asset mapping capabilities which collect data from water assets in the field.

As the technology evolves, and our integrated system grows, Busselton Water will be able to deliver even more services and functionality for the benefit of our customers. To stay in touch with the latest innovations check out our news and major projects or sign up for our newsletter.