Test your meter

If you think your meter needs testing, please let us know. Meter tests may be undertaken at your request on payment of a prescribed fee. Download the request form from the resources section on this page.

Reading your meter

When reading your meter, read only the black and white numbers.  Looking at the dial of your meter you will see the main digital register. The first four digits are white on a black background (these are whole kilolitres – 1 kilolitre = 1,000 litres) and the other numbers are white on a red background (these are litres). You are only charged for the number of whole kilolitres you use.

Customers please note Busselton Water may authorise a person by Section 129 Water Services Act 2012 to enter a place without consent, notice or warrant to read a meter connected to the licensee’s water service works.

You can arrange to have your meter read at any time. Simply fill out a meter read request and pay a small fee.