Busselton Water aims to provide our customers with the highest quality water every day. However occasionally, in spring, summer or during periods of high demand you may notice that your water is discoloured.

Discoloured water is absolutely safe to drink. It occurs when high water demand and increased water flow dislodges minute iron particles and sediment either in main water supply pipelines or in household piping.

Busselton Water conducts extensive testing across our network of more than 300 kilometres of pipeline to provide early detection of potential discolouration. We also conduct regular flushing programs to prevent sediment building up within the network.

Discolouration is usually temporary and there are some simple steps you can take to clear the water:

  • Run the tap closest to the water meter for two minutes to see if it clears – capture the flushed water and use it on your garden.
  • If you’re staying in tourist accommodation, run an internal tap for two minutes. If flushing doesn’t clear the water, advise the property’s management or reception, or contact us.
  • If laundry appears dirty after washing in discoloured water we can provide a kit to help get it clean. Keep the laundry immersed in water – if the material dries, staining may become permanent.

If the discoloured water persists, please call us on 08 9781 0500.