Frequently asked questions

If you have a question about your water service you may find the answers in our Frequently Asked Questions below. If you would like to ask a question please email us and we will get back to you with an answer as quickly as we can.

How can I pay my account?

There are many ways to pay your account, including at our Customer Service counter

Given current social distancing requirements related to COVID-19, we urge our customers to consider paying water accounts online via MyBusseltonWater, BPoint, BPay or Direct Debit, or over the phone with BPoint on 1300 276 468.

Payment can also be made by post using cheque or money order.

If I don't pay my account will my water service be cut off?

No. Busselton Water by regulation will not cut off water to a dwelling without the consent of the occupier. However under the Water Services Act 2012 Busselton Water will consider inserting a low restriction device within the meter when customers do not respond to requests to pay overdue accounts.  An attendance fee will apply in all cases.  This action will not apply to customers who enter into an approved payment arrangement. If you are having trouble paying your bill please let us know. We’re here to help.

Why do we have to pay two water bills - one to the Water Corporation and one to Busselton Water?

Busselton Water is responsible for supplying drinking water to the community of Busselton and surrounds. Your account from Busselton Water depends on the quantity of water consumed at your property.

The Water Corporation of WA is responsible for providing sewerage services in Busselton. If your property has a reticulated sewerage service, the Water Corporation will charge you a rate based on the value of your property.

I am a pensioner. Do I get a rebate on my water bill?

To receive a rebate under the Rates and Charges (Rebates and Deferments) Act 1992, a customer must be the holder of either a Pension card, issued by Centrelink, a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card or a Western Australian State Seniors card. Customers must also own and reside in the property on which they wish to lodge a claim. Customers cannot register a claim on more than one property and the eligible property must be the principal place of residence.

How does Busselton Water know how much water I’ve used?

All Busselton Water customers currently use smart meters. These meters calculate how much water has been used on a property and provides readings to Busselton Water remotely. To find out more about what a smart water meter is and how they work please read our smart meter information sheet.

How often does Busselton Water read water meters?

Busselton Water reads water meters every four months, at the beginning of October, February and June. However, special interim readings are done on request for customers or their agents and a charge is payable for this service. Contact us to request a meter reading.

Which part of the water supply system to my property is my responsibility, and which part is Busselton Water’s?

Busselton Water is responsible for maintaining the system from the water main to the meter.  The property owner is responsible for maintaining the system between the meter and the premises.

How can I check to see if there is a leak in my internal pipes?

Read all of the digits on your meter when you have finished using water at night. Read the meter again first thing the next morning. If there is any increase in registration, it would indicate that you have a leak. If you think you have a leak, here is a handy checklist to help you find it.

How much water does my automatic reticulation in my garden use?

To find out how much water a full cycle of reticulation uses, simply read all the digits on your meter immediately before the cycle starts, then read it again at the finish of the cycle.  Deduct the first reading from the second and multiply the result by the number of days you intend running the system to give you a total volume.

Why do I need a Backflow Prevention Device on my water service?

It is an Australian Standard for every water service to be fitted with a suitable device to prevent potentially contaminated water from flowing from your property back into the mains. It is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure backflow prevention devices are fitted.