Busselton Water has been an important part of its local community for more than a century. The Government’s landmark decision to corporatise our business, in 2013, and the subsequent expansion of our operating licence, in 2014, has created exciting new opportunities to improve and extend the service, reliability, quality and value we deliver to our customers.

Busselton is renowned for its beautiful waterways and our active and committed community cares greatly about the environment in which we live. Together we are working to protect and conserve our precious water resources.

The corporation services almost 14,000 customer accounts including domestic, commercial, light industrial and special rural water users. It also sells bulk water to ensure consistent supply to our neighbours in Dunsborough.

Busselton Water supports state-wide water efficiency programs like the annual summer sprinkler rosterwinter sprinkler ban and the water efficiency management plan (WEMP) program for commercial users consuming over 20,000kL annually.

We stay in close contact with our stakeholders to ensure the business is informed and in touch with community opinions, concerns and issues. We also work hard to educate our residents and visitors about what they can do to conserve water and we support their efforts with timely and relevant communication, educational programs, community investment and partnerships.