Request a new meter

To request the installation of a new water meter at your property, you will need to complete one of the following applications. You will also need attach a building plan to show your preferred water meter location:

In some instances, such as in most new land subdivisions, the developer may have already laid the water service or prepaid to have the service installed on your property.

How much does it cost?

Costs vary depending on the size of the water meter required but a standard charge applies for the connection of most residential water meters (i.e. 20mm).

The standard costs cover short water meters installed in a road reserve without the requirement for any road verge re-instatement.

If the water service requires connection to the water main from the opposite side of the road (long service) then under-road directional drilling costs will apply.

Please allow 10 working days from the time your request is submitted until your new water meter is installed.

If a quote is required, the service will be connected 10 working days from the time all conditions for connections (including fees and charges) are in place.

Conditions for connections

Applications for non-residential service connection must include:

  • Details of the meter flow rate in litres per second
  • Service size required
  • A building plan

Multi-residential service applications need to provide either:

  • The method of servicing 20mm services at the front boundary for the number of units, or
  • A master meter/sub-meter arrangement

All non-residential services need to be assessed by a plumber for possible backflow prevention requirements behind the meter to protect the potable water supply.

Please consult your plumber for further information regarding backflow prevention at your property. Details of any backflow prevention devices installed during construction, behind the meter, must be supplied to Busselton Water for annual testing. Testing will be carried out at the owner’s expense.