Asset Protection

Asset Protection

Working Adjacent to Busselton Water Assets

Working adjacent to our Assets potentially involves risks to:

  • The workers carrying out the works adjacent to our asset
  • Our assets through damage caused by the works
  • Members of the general public in the event of failure of our assets

Assets may be damaged by any type of work that causes changes to the ground including building work, earthworks and alteration of surfaces, movement of heavy vehicles, work causing excessive vibrations, dewatering, open and trenchless excavations, installing ground anchors, installing buried and overhead services, planting and removing trees.

Damage can be avoided by carefully planning and conducting works.  The steps below outline the process:

  1. Plan
    • Submit a Dial Before You Dig enquiry to determine the approximate location of our assets
    • Perform a site inspection to identify any surface indicators of underground assets
  2. Contact Busselton Water if any works are intended within prescribed proximities of Busselton Water assets as shown in the table below
  3. Pot hole if required, to confirm exact locations, depths & materials are as per dial before you dig information
  4. Request approval from Busselton Water for works if they are within the prescribed proximities of our water assets
    • A condition of approval may require asset relocation or replacement at your cost. A contribution from Busselton Water may be appropriate in some cases.  Note this approval process & asset relocation or replacement can take several months
  5. Deliver the works:
    • Once approval has been received carry out the works in accordance with the approval requirements
  6. Close out
    • Provide the As Constructed records to Busselton Water

Please contact Busselton Water directly on 08 9781 0500 for further information or make a request on the contact us section of the website.

Prescribed Proximities:

Type of WorksAsset TypeAsset SizePrescribed Proximity (distance from Asset)
Ground disturbing works
Including movement of heavy vehicles, ground compaction, dewatering, earthworks, open & trenchless excavations
Water Supply Pipelines250mm and above6m
Ground disturbing worksWater Supply Pipelines made of Asbestos Cement (AC)Less than 250mm4m
Buildings, Structures & other Obstructions
Including residential/ commercial/ industrial buildings, pools, sheds, carports, major developments, transport infrastructure, services, equipment installed on our assets, stockpiles, ground anchors, large trees
All assetsAll10m both sides of our asset, 15m above & below the asset
Pile DrivingAll pipelinesAll100m
BlastingAll pipelinesAll1,000m

Note in the Busselton Water Network water mains of 250mm nominal diameter are acting as trunk mains feeding large areas of the network.

A clear space around all water meters of at least 300mm on each side and 1200mm above must be maintained at all times.