Land developers

Land developers

Water supply headworks contributions

Busselton Water operates and maintains a vast network of infrastructure that enables us to provide efficient water services and meet continued growth in our community.

Part of the cost of providing major infrastructure is recovered from new developments through a one-off initial payment called a Headworks Contribution. This is a charge that Busselton Water levies when a customer builds or develops a property which then becomes part of our water supply network.

The payment of the Headworks Contribution is the responsibility of the landowner at the time of development and usually applies, but is not limited, to:

  • Subdivision of land to create extra lots
  • Additional residential dwellings other than the first residential dwelling on a serviced lot
  • Redevelopment of an existing building or dwelling
  • Increase of water supply peak flow rate or water meter size
  • Request for an additional service
  • Request for water supply to land that does not have an existing connection

These charges represent a contribution towards the broader infrastructure base required to provide water services to all customers. The balance of the funds required to provide water infrastructure is recovered, over the long term, from annual service and consumption charges. This way the cost of the new infrastructure is shared between the person creating the demand and the long term user of the service.

Calculating headworks contributions

Busselton Water’s Headworks Contributions are calculated in accordance with the Guidelines for Infrastructure Contributions (licensees other than the Water Corporation) approved by the Minister for Water.

To facilitate the calculation of the Headworks Contribution an amount has been determined that reflects the contribution required, for the base level of demand, for an average service for each service type. This amount is known as the Standard Headworks Contribution (SHC). At the time of the development the SHC together with the required water demand for a property, determines the amount of the Headworks Contribution.

Standard headworks contributions 2022-23

Applicable for subdivisions and building developments

  • Standard Headworks Contributions per lot $4,186.00
  • Land up to 300sqm (70% of the Standard Headworks Contribution) $2,931.00
  • Land between 301 and 399sqm (80% of the Standard Headworks Contribution) $3,350.00


  1. Headworks Contributions are not subject to GST.
  2. Contribution amounts are shown are for the base level of service required for an average residential property in a typical urban location. Contribution amounts for other properties requiring greater than the base level of service will be assessed separately.
  3. The level of contribution for each development must be verified by Busselton Water.

Strata title subdivision

Strata subdivisions are generally assessed in the same way as building applications and contributions for both residential and non-residential development.

  • Strata subdivisions of two lots must have individual water service connections.
  • Strata subdivisions of three lots or more can be serviced with the water by providing:
    • Individual water service connections to each strata lot
    • A common water service connection shared by a number of strata lots
    • A combination of the above

Headworks Contributions for water supply for subdivisions creating strata lots are based on the meter based contribution table. Lots served individually will normally pay higher water contributions that lots served by common services.

Building or redeveloping

Headworks Contributions are based on meter size and flow rate for building development or service applications for all land use types. The developer must advise Busselton Water of the required nominal flow rate of water, in litres per minute, to service the development. Non-residential development can be provided with multiple water service connections if agreed by Busselton Water.

Meter Size (MM)Guaranteed Minimum Flow Rate (L/Minutes)Water Headworks Contribution Factors (Total Number of Standard Headworks Contributions)
20201 x Standard Headworks Contribution
1502000100 Standard Headworks Contribution

Temporary developments

Busselton Water will allow the provision of a temporary connection to the scheme where it can be demonstrated that the purpose of the connection is clearly for a short term, specific nature. There are two categories of a temporary connection:

  1. A water service required for less than two years for the establishment of vegetation.
  2. A water service required for less than one year for dust suppression, earthworks or road works.

A temporary service can only be provided where there is a capacity in the scheme to support the additional demand and the applicant is responsible for payment of:

  • Consumption charges
  • Connection and disconnection fees
  • Loss or damage to the water meter or water service

All assessed charges must be paid prior to connection.

Busselton Water has prepared design guidelines to assist land developers. These and other relevant documents, including a schedule of current tariffs, fees and charges can be downloaded from the resources section on this page.

Water Pressure

Busselton Water’s supply standards are to provide a minimum static pressure of 15 metres head (150kPa) and a minimum flow of 20 litres per minute.