It takes a small team but a big infrastructure network to produce a consistent and reliable supply of quality drinking water for our community. As you drive around Busselton, keep an eye open for our five massive water tanks. At any time, we have up to 20,600 kilolitres of treated water available – that’s enough to fill eight Olympic size swimming pools.

Busselton Water operates three water treatment plants that are connected by pipelines and sophisticated computer control systems to deliver water where and when it is needed. The integrated network means that if one treatment plant goes offline, water can be quickly diverted from another plant, avoiding any supply interruption for customers. This is critical in an emergency.

Most of our water comes from deep underground. It is extracted from both the Leederville and Yarragadee aquifers and pumped to the surface by bores operating at 300 to 800 meters depth.

The raw groundwater is treated by oxidation and filtration processes in the treatment plants to remove turbidity and iron concentrations above aesthetic limits. It is also disinfected to make sure it meets Australian Drinking Water Guidelines and is safe to drink.

Treated water is pumped into the storage tanks then distributed to homes and businesses through more than 320 kilometres of pipelines and water mains which Busselton Water is responsible for planning, installing and maintaining. Occasionally, new construction or repairs to pipes, valves and hydrants, can interrupt your water service.

If you experience a problem or fault, please call 9781 0500, or check scheduled works to see planned maintenance in your area.

We also provide a 24 hour emergency service for leaks and breaks – call
08 9781 0500.