Busselton has some of the lowest water prices in Australia and we’re keen to help our customers stretch their budgets even further.

Water accounts are issued three times a year – in October, February and June. Your bill will arrive in your letterbox or you can request an electronic invoice.

Receive your bills by email
If you are still receiving your bill in the post, and would rather receive it by email, please complete an electronic billing authorisation form.

Direct debit
Direct debit means your water account is debited automatically from your nominated bank, building society or credit union account. The amount owed is debited when your Busselton Water account is due, so your account is always paid on time.

To set up automatic payments of accounts from your nominated bank or financial institution, fill out a direct debit request form.

You will still receive your Busselton Water account by post or email so you always know in advance how much is going to be debited from your account.

If you are having difficulty paying or need help to understand your bill please talk to our customer service team.