Bushfire and emergency

During a bushfire, or other emergency, water supplies cannot be guaranteed. This is often due to electrical outages causing water transfer pumps to stop operating. Heavy draw on the water supply by firefighters and residents can also reduce water pressure.

For safety reasons, Busselton Water may not be able to access water supply or respond quickly to system failures in areas that are deemed unsafe by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) or Western Power.

Protecting the public water supply

Every year, we prepare for the bushfire season by readying our equipment and systems to cope with extreme conditions. This includes:

  • Ensuring land is clear and abiding by all fire ban rules
  • Having generators available at each plant in the event of a power failure
  • Providing access to water carters to transport emergency water supplies should the need arise

Defending your home during a bushfire

If you live in a bushfire zone then you need to be prepared and have an up to date Bushfire Survival Plan. Visit the DFES website for advice.

If you plan to stay and actively defend your home from fire, you will need to have an independent water supply, because the public water supply and water pressure cannot be guaranteed. DFES advises that you will need to have the following:

  • At least 20,000 litres available as an independent water supply, stored in a concrete or steel tank. Additional water storage options include:
    • Rubbish bins (wheelie bins) and storage bins
    • Baths, laundry tubs, sinks, basins, buckets and drums
    • Troughs, garden ponds, swimming pools or dams
  • A means to pump the water that does not rely on the electricity supply. This means having a generator (<1.5kVA) to drive a home pressure pump, or a petrol or diesel firefighting pump.
    • Pumps and generators that are able to pump 400 litres per minute and are shielded from high temperatures
    • Hoses from the pump that are long enough to reach all corners of the home, and fitted with a nozzle able to deliver 30 to 100 litres per minute
    • Sufficient fuel or diesel to run the pumps and generators
  • Drinking water available in case there is an interruption to the main water supply.

Busselton water and fire hydrants

Busselton Water keeps DFES up to date with the location of all water infrastructure so firefighters can quickly locate fire hydrants and have the best and fastest possible access to available water supplies.