National Water Week

Educating the local community about the importance of water and sustainable, efficient water use is a responsibility we take very seriously – and a vital step in protecting our water source for the future. It’s also why we celebrate National Water Week in October each year.

National Water Week is an opportunity for the whole of Australia to come together to take action to protect our finite water sources and to celebrate innovation and achievements in water that underpin our nation’s sustainability and economic prosperity.

National Water Week 2023

The 2023 National Water Week theme was United by Water. It celebrated water’s vital role in connecting us all. Water touches every aspect of development. It drives economic growth, supports healthy ecosystems, and is essential and fundamental for life.

In 2023 we invited students to use their creative imagination and design a six-box storyboard, based on our story synopsis, for a chance to win some great prizes. Participating schools also received a Jacksons Drawing Supplies gift voucher. Winning were decided by public vote during National Water Week from a shortlist of entries via Busselton Waters Facebook page.

We also participated in Water Water on 19 October. Water Night is an annual nationwide event supporting stronger action on climate change and water awareness by asking individuals and households to turn off all non-essential taps from 5-10pm with the aim to increase water awareness and leading to long term behavioural change.

As always, there’s no time like the present to double down on commitments to save water – and precious pennies – and you’ll find some terrific tips right here.

Year 1 – 3 Winning Entries
Year 4 – 6 Winning Entries
Year 7 – 9 Winning Entries

National Water Week 2022

Sharing stories can be a powerful agent for change and, during National Water Week 2022 and beyond, we are invited to share our water stories.

We all need water to survive and use it in our day-to-day lives at home and at work every single day.  We all also have a personal and very individual connection to water – a memory, a meaning, a purpose or pleasure that is made possible by water.  It might be learning to swim or surf as a youngster, sailing on a river or lake, being caught in a torrential downpour, battling a terrible drought or flood, or simply relaxing with a good book on the banks of a creek or icy irrigation channel.

We asked you to share your water story on video or email and posted a selection in our news feeds.

Local primary and secondary school students are invited to capture their water stories through art in another year of competition to see whose work now graces the covers of special-edition exercise books for distributed to participating schools.

Water is wonderful because… It is vital to all our living species – Mila, year 1

Water is wonderful because… Water is a precious resource and we use over 300 gallons a day and we need to help use less so we can survive – Sadie, year 4

Water is wonderful because… Water can be anything, it can be cold, hot and warm. Water is an essential part of life and adapting to new environments can fell like a fish out of water – Yuchi, year 8

National Water Week 2021

The national theme for 2021 ‘Caring for Water and Country’ celebrated the vital and cultural role that water plays in our lives. Recognising the importance our waterways play in our lives, Caring for Water and Country aims to deepen our understanding of Australian First Nations people’s knowledge of protecting and sustaining our water and lands for over 65,000 years. National Water Week ran 18 October 2021 – 24 October 2021.

Busselton Water partnered with Undalup Association to share an experience with local students that explored caring for water and Country. Students attended Busselton Water’s, Water Treatment Plant on Queen Elizabeth Drive, participating in a tour of the Water Treatment Plant learning how the Plant operates, and the processes used to produce safe drinking water, followed by a presentation from Undalup Association Rangers, to create a deeper understanding and knowledge of protecting and sustaining our water and lands.

National Water Week 2020

The theme for National Water Week 2020 was ‘Reimagining our Water Future’. Busselton Water created a children’s story book with the help of the community. The book follows Hydro and his friends on an adventure learning about climate change and how to save water.

Twenty-one students from four local schools – West Busselton Primary School, Georgiana Molloy Anglican School, Geographe Education Support Centre and St Mary MacKillop College – contributed their works to the book.

Four cover arts were received and voted on by the community. Over 700 votes were collated overall with the winning cover art being designed by Bella Coates.

Copies of the book will be given to the schools involved for their school libraries and limited copies will be available at Busselton Water’s Administration Office for viewing.

The book is also available to read here.

National Water Week 2019

National Water Week ran from 21 to 27 October 2019 and Busselton Water celebrated with the community in three important ways.


Water conservation pilot program
We launched a water conservation pilot program with Busselton Senior High School giving Year 7 students access to detailed data about the school’s water use from a newly-installed water logger. Over the next year, students will complete a water audit, brainstorm water efficiency measures and implement strategies to save water across the school campus.

Name the Drop’ competition
Our waterwise educator – the blue water drop – was given a name by the local community! In the lead up to National Water Week Busselton locals had the opportunity to suggest names for the Busselton Water mascot. Close to 2,000 people suggested a name and/or voted for their favourite – with ‘Hydro’ announced during National Water Week.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – educating through art
Local schools were put to the challenge to showcase how, as a community, Busselton can ensure the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

Geographe Education Support Centre, Vasse Primary School and Georgiana Molloy Anglican School did a fantastic job showcasing the important of grey water use, reducing plastic waste from entering waterways, reducing water consumption around the home and in everyday life.