Water for Tomorrow

“Water defines us – as creatures, and as a society, we rely on it for every aspect of our being. But climate change is disrupting our relationship with water … and it demands our response.”

Ingrid Leman Stefanovic, The Wonder of Water

Groundwater is a precious and finite resource. It’s also under threat from the impacts of climate change.

Busselton’s drinking water is drawn from the ancient Yarragadee aquifer, located hundreds of metres underground. It is replenished by rainfall, as the water seeps down and is stored in the spaces between rocks and soil.

But climate change is affecting our rainfall. Global climate models show a drying trend for our region, with average rainfall projected to drop by up to 25% over the next 20 years.

So, at a time when our community is growing, our water source is becoming more fragile.

Together, we must be waterwise. Together, we must preserve Water For Tomorrow.

Planning our region’s water future

One of Busselton Water’s most important responsibilities is to plan ahead and ensure we have fresh drinking water available for generations to come.

Managing our region’s future water supply is complex. Population growth, climate change, finite water resources and a growing demand for water from industry and agriculture present enormous challenges for our business and our community.

What we do know is that our future water supply relies not only on the careful management of our groundwater and water-saving habits from us all – but also on the development of new inland infrastructure. We are in the early planning stages for a new water treatment plant and new bore to secure our region’s water future.

We are also committed to helping to create a climate-resilient community in Busselton and contributing to the State Government’s Western Australian Climate Policy.