Manage your usage

Manage your usage

The cost of your water consumption is determined by the amount of water that passes through your water meter. All meters are read three times a year – in October, February and June – which is when you receive your bill. You can ask for an interim meter reading at any time by filling out this form and paying a small fee.

Understanding how your water charges are calculated will help you manage your water usage. Busselton Water uses a stepped billing process which means the rate goes up as you use more water over the course of a year. By understanding how your bill works, and watching the amount of water you consume, you can significantly reduce the amount you spend.

It is also important to keep a close eye on the amount of water you are using so you pick up on any unusual readings. There can be big change in your bill if your pipes develop a leak, and water is being lost, so this is how you can check for leaks.

If an accurate meter reading is not possible, your usage will be estimated based on the daily average quantity of water used in a previous similar billing period. The reason for the estimation will be marked on your water invoice.

By reading your meter regularly you can budget for your water consumption accounts as well as monitor your consumption patterns. Please make sure that your water meter is accessible at all times as a penalty of $1000 may apply if your meter is inaccessible.

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Did you know you can track your water use using your MyBusseltonWater account?