Landlords and tenants


Property owners can authorise for water usage bills to be sent directly to their tenants for payment. The water service charge will continue to be directed to you, as the owner, and a duplicate copy of the water consumption invoice will be issued to your tenant.

If the account is not paid by your tenant on the due date, we will request payment from you as the property owner and the current arrangement will be cancelled. You as the owner of the property continue to be liable for all service and water use charges.

By authorising us to forward the water usage invoice to your tenant you are also authorising us to discuss with them information relating to the water use account and to provide them access to the property’s MyBusseltonWater account. This arrangement enables tenants to enter into a payment plan/arrangement with us. The property owner will be advised if a payment plan/arrangement is made with a tenant.

All tenancy changes must be advised to Busselton Water by the property owner. Failure to advise us of tenancy changes will result in the full account being directed to the property owner. Each property is restricted to a maximum of three tenancy changes per financial year.

This facility is not available for properties with a shared water service.


If you are a tenant experiencing financial difficulty you should advise your agent or landlord as soon as possible. Your agent or landlord can contact us to organise a suitable payment arrangement on your behalf.

We can also provide you with assistance and information on ways to save water.