Waterwise schools

Waterwise schools

Our school education program is available to all schools in Busselton and it’s a great way to teach our next generation to care for scarce water resources. The program has been customised to the local environment and provides a broad introduction to water issues covering learning areas such as the local water supply, water conservation and water treatment.

It’s easy to become a Busselton waterwise school – just follow these simple steps.

Step 1
Get started

Sign up for the Busselton Water school education program and identify which waterwise actions can be achieved in the coming year by your school. Start by downloading the action plan template then put your plan together and submit it to us  by the end of term 1.

Step 2
Show us how goals were achieved

Provide examples, such as a poster, student activity sheet, photos or a power point presentation, to demonstrate how each goal has been achieved. We’ve included some great classroom activities and lessons plans in our water education modules.

Step 3
Show off

Let us know when all your goals have been achieved.
Busselton Water will celebrate your achievements and present a framed certificate of recognition to your school. This is an opportunity for your students, and your school, to showcase their efforts.

The EXTRA step
National Water Week

National Water Week is a great opportunity to encourage your whole school community to get involved. You can participate in a Busselton Water activity or hold your own event … and don’t forget to drop us a line and tell us all about it.

For further information about becoming a waterwise school, or to arrange a school visit or incursion, please contact us. Our team would love to come and say hello!