Waterwise gardens

Here are some easy steps we can all take to make our gardens waterwise, ensuring they are not only water efficient but also look good all year round.

  • Design your garden using plants that are native to the local area.
  • Mulch the garden. Mulch not only discourages the growth of weeds and evens out soil temperature but it can also keep up to 70% more moisture in the soil.
  • Reduce your lawn area. Lawns need more water than the rest of the garden so investigate other options such as using ground covering plants.
  • Deep soak your lawn. Watering your lawn every night makes the grass shallow-rooted. Water for longer periods, less often, to soak deep into the soil.
  • Improve the soil. Aerate the soil and/or use a soil wetting agent to allow water to be absorbed more easily.
  • Water your plants at the base near the roots. If possible, install subsurface or drip reticulation system.
  • Dunk your pot plants in a bucket of water until the bubbles stop to increase water absorption.
  • Plant drought tolerant plants and grass.
  • Remove weeds as they compete with plants for water and nutrients.
  • Water during the cooler parts of the day or at night and have a timer installed on automatic reticulation and sprinkler systems.
  • When planting new plants in the garden mix in soil wetting agents in the planting soil to increase water absorption and longer plant life.
  • Collect dripping water from your evaporative air conditioner for your garden.
  • Water the garden only when needed on your allocated watering day.

For more information download our garden planting guide.

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