Water charges

The following is an extract from the Government Gazette summarising the ministerially approved water related fees and charges for the 2023-24 financial year. To understand which charges apply to you, and how to better manage your water costs, you need to understand how the stepped billing process works.


Standard annual supply charge of $234.49

Water consumption charges

During the water use year, the price per kilolitre of water increases in steps.

First 150kl$1.17per kilolitre - Step 1
Next 200kl$1.63per kilolitre - Step 2
Next 150kl$1.86per kilolitre - Step 3
Next 200kl$2.46per kilolitre - Step 4
Next 300kl$3.44per kilolitre - Step 5
Thereafter$3.53per kilolitre - Step 6

Non residential

Supply charges (based on size of water meter)


Water consumption charge of $1.96 per kilolitre.

Vacant land

A standard annual water availability charge of $242.14.

Fire services

Annual fee of $248.08 for each connection to a water main.
Metered consumption through a fire service $2.40 per kilolitre.

Penalty for overdue rates and charges

A penalty charge equal to 10.08% per annum will accrue on a daily basis on all rates and charges which are overdue for payment. From 1 April 2020, this penalty charge will not be applied to those who have applied and are eligible for COVID-19-related financial hardship support.