Future supply

Demand for water in Busselton is expected to double over the next 50 years according to the first long-range forecast of consumption trends.

As part of its plan to ensure Busselton and Dunsborough have a sustainable water supply in the future, Busselton Water examined the area’s water sources and projected demand. The milestone study, released in 2015, showed that demand for water was expected to grow from five billion litres per annum to 10.1 billion litres per annum by 2060.

Busselton Water has an existing licensed entitlement to 8.1 billion litres per annum and a further 8.1 billion litres per annum available from a reserve for public drinking water so it is well placed to meet the projected demand from existing groundwater sources.

We are always pursuing the most advanced technology to improve the way we monitor our water resources. We also run a range of water-use efficiency and waterwise education programs for homes, schools and businesses to encourage the community to use water sparingly and to preserve supplies for the future.