Households in action

Do you live in a waterwise household? Do you go above and beyond to conserve our most precious resource?

Then Busselton Water wants to hear from you! Send us your best suggestions by completing the nomination form below or share your best watersaving tips with us on Facebook. Thank you to everyone who has submitted waterwise tips.

We love to acknowledge customers who are actively conserving and protecting our water. There are lots of ways you can do your bit including:

  • Installing and using waterwise appliances
  • Planting a waterwise garden
  • Reusing your grey water on gardens
  • Monitoring your water usage on gardens
  • Demonstrating water self-sufficiency e.g. installing water tanks


Hear from some of our Waterwise Households in Action:

 “I did love my roses, but I’m a stickler for saving water so it only seemed right to replace the front garden with a native one,” Karen said.

“It was a natural ‘next step’ for us too. We hate wasting water – for years we’ve been using waterwise shower heads, we turn taps off when we brush our teeth and we’ve been collecting the cold water in a bucket while waiting for the shower to warm up.”Karen Hann

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“We’ve reduced our water consumption by at least half – we’ve removed a third of our front lawn and retained the biggest patch in the shaded area, installed three-jet rotating head sprinklers and used low-cost digital garden watering timers.”Morgan Hoyes

“One of the ways we’re saving water is through planting native species in our garden which thrive without needing reticulation.”Heather Grimwood
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