Estimate your bill

If it is not possible for us to accurately read your meter, perhaps because the meter has stopped, is damaged, illegible or access is restricted, Busselton Water will estimate your water consumption, in accordance with the Water Services Codes of Conduct (Customer Service Standards) 2018.

Your water usage will be worked out based on the daily average amount of water you used in a similar period (e.g. the same billing period last year). This daily average usage multiplied by the number of billing days in the billing cycle will be applied to your invoice. For example: 1.0kLs per day (average daily consumption) x 120 billing days = 120kLs.

If the previous year’s usage is not an accurate reflection of your watering pattern (i.e. because of change of ownership or leakage) the estimate will be calculated from either a similar earlier billing period or the estimate will be based on the average consumption for a similar property.

All estimated readings and explanations for the estimation will be clearly shown on your bill.