Water quality

Safe water is fundamental to good health and Busselton Water is committed to delivering high quality drinking water to our customers.

Our water is regularly tested to make sure it meets Australian standards for both health and aesthetics, like colour, clarity and taste. Hundreds of samples are taken from our plants and pipelines and tested by accredited laboratories to ensure they comply with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG) – the peak standards for health and non-health related water quality.

In line with these guidelines, which are set by the Department of Health and the National Health and Medical Research Council, Busselton’s water supply is treated with chlorine to protect it from contamination. Busselton Water does not fluoridate its water supply, however the treated water does contain some naturally occurring fluoride.

Our Drinking Water Quality Management Plan and Drinking Water Safety Plan reflect industry best practice and help us to maintain our compliance with the AWDG guidelines and health standards.

If you have any concerns about your water quality, or your water appears discoloured, please let us know.