About us

About us

Busselton Water is a dynamic, contemporary water corporation which supplies drinking water to a growing population of more than 28,000 people across the wider Busselton area. We are committed to innovation, continuous business improvement and producing the highest quality drinking water in the most cost effective, safe and sustainable way.

Located approximately 220 kilometres south of Perth, in Western Australia, our South West region is a renowned tourist destination. The population in our community doubles to more than 50,000 people over the summer holiday season creating big challenges for our water supply.

Ours is one of the most rapidly growing regions in Western Australia and we are continuously investing in new services, new technology and new infrastructure to support this growth. We pride ourselves on caring for the environment as well as our involvement in and ongoing support for the communities we service.

Under our license, Busselton Water provides water infrastructure and services to an operating area covering almost 6,964km². This includes the Busselton city centre, as well as nearby Port Geographe, Siesta Park, Vasse and Wonnerup, and bulk water supplies to Dunsborough.

In August 2014, our licence area was expanded to cover the Busselton-Capel and Blackwood groundwater areas including a two kilometre offshore zone. This licence is in place until 1 October 2021.

Did you know…

Busselton Water do far more than supply water:

  • we educate our community about water conservation – we’re committed to building and supporting a waterwise community through the delivery of household, business and school waterwise programs that demonstrate how to save our precious water resources;
  • we maintain a strong environmental program and are dedicated to reducing energy, waste and impact on the natural environment;
  • we give back to our local community through the Busselton Water Community Partnership Program;
  • we have an uncompromising commitment to safety, resulting in our exceptional award-winning safety record;
  • we are collaborative – we sit on local committees, we seek advice from our CAG; we network with our local community;
  • we map and plan for future water use in the region;
  • we preserve and protect our groundwater supplies;
  • we strive for efficiency and innovation

Our future

The WA Government’s landmark decision in 2013 to corporatise our business, and the subsequent expansion of our operating licence in 2014, has created exciting new opportunities for Busselton Water to keep improving and extending the service, reliability, quality and value we deliver to our customers.

Our commitment to innovation and continuous business improvement is the core mechanism through which we achieve our vision for excellence and leadership in the provision of all water services.