Bowling for accessibility

The Busselton Bowling Club, with support from Busselton Water, now has a set of new lightweight bowls for two new programs – Bowls for the Disabled and Junior Bowls.

The Bowls for Disabled program, which enables people with a disability the opportunity to embrace the game of bowls, recently attracted more than 35 people to a successful afternoon of bowls and will continue to host weekly games.

Busselton Water CEO, Chris Elliott said that the local water provider was thrilled to support a club which established its foundations more than a century ago and provides opportunities for people from all walks of life.

“Like us, Busselton Bowling Club has a strong sense of community – showcased particularly through these two new programs,” said Mr Elliott. “We’re thrilled to support them.”

Program Coordinator, Wayne Coyle said Busselton Water’s funding has helped the Club to make the sport more accessible.

“These new sets of lightweight bowls mean we can now engage with people who have a disability as well as juniors,” said Mr Coyle.

“Bowls is an enjoyable game for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities – even more so with these new programs.  We’re able to now able to welcome families with children too helping to lower the age of our average member!”

Accessibility within community services and groups is important for Busselton Water which has also continued its partnership with Disabled Surfers Association South West, providing opportunities again this summer for people with a disability to embrace the waves.

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