Medical Assist

Busselton Water is committed to assisting customers to reduce the financial burden faced by households who, because of their medical conditions, require higher water usage within their homes.  This may be customers undertaking home dialysis or customers who qualify for the Continence Aids Payment Scheme (CAPS)

How it works for home dialysis customers

Once you are registered with Busselton Water, we automatically apply the allowance to your next water invoice.

How to register for home dialysis customers

Apply in writing to Busselton Water with confirmation by a qualified medical practitioner. The medical practitioner must provide confirmation that a home haemodialysis machine is in use; and an estimate of the water required to be used including a breakdown as to how this estimate has been arrived.

How it works for CAPS customers

In the first instance, customers need to be registered for CAPS (refer below) .  Eligible CAPS customers can apply for Medical Assist by contacting our office on 9781 0500. Once we approve your application, the allowance will be applied to your next water invoice. Before you apply, please make sure you read the eligibility criteria below so that you know if you qualify and have everything you need.

Eligibility criteria for CAPS customers

To be eligible to receive Medical Assist, you need to be on the Department of Human Services (DHS) CAPS. Please check you are on the DHS CAP Scheme before you apply.

You will need to attach a copy of the CAPS statement of payment with a letter of request so that we can apply the allowance to your account as soon as we approve your application. We accept scans or photos of the original copy.

Please note, all enquiries will be treated in a professional manner with the strictest confidence.