Account authorisation – change of tenant

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  1. Upon receipt of this authorisation, I the property owner/s authorise payment to be debited to the property owner/s Busselton Water account for a Change of Tenancy.
  2. A Closing Invoice will be issued to the vacating tenant with a duplicate issued to the property owner. If this invoice is not paid within 28days the debt will be transferred to the owners account.
  3. Future water volume invoices for the above property will be directed to the new tenant. A copy of the invoice will be directed to the property owner/s.
  4. The water service charge will be directed to the property owner/s.
  5. All tenancy changes must be advised by the property owner. Failure to advise Busselton Water of tenancy changes will result in the full account directed to the property owner/s.
  6. All unpaid accounts will be the responsibility of the property owner/s (as per S126, Water Services Act 2012).
  7. All debt recovery will be addressed to the property owner/s.