Backflow prevention

A backflow prevention device is used to prevent water flowing in a reverse direction from a potential source of contamination and entering our drinking water supply system. It is now an Australian Standard for every water service to be fitted with a suitable device to prevent water from flowing from your property back into the mains.

All commercial and industrial properties are identified as a potential backflow risk and are required to have a backflow prevention device installed. Backflow usually occurs during routine maintenance or where connections have been illegally installed (e.g. when pumps are cross-connected with the reticulation network).

A cross-connection is any physical connection installed between potable water supplies and any potential source of contamination. This could be as simple as using a hose to clean out a blocked drain where reverse flow along the hose could cause contaminated water from the drain to flow back into the reticulation network.

Who can test and install my backflow device?
Busselton Water carries out annual tests but you need to engage a licensed plumber to install and service backflow prevention devices.

If a property owner fails to comply with the requirements for installation of backflow prevention devices, penalties may be applied and Busselton Water may:

  • Engage a licensed plumber to carry out the works at your expense.
  • Disconnect the property from the water supply system.

If you need more information or assistance with backflow prevention devices, please contact us.