My water use

Where can I see my average daily water use?
To calculate your average daily water use, go to your ‘Water Use’ section on the ‘My Account’ page. Select the period you wish to view (being mindful that this will only show you cycle to cycle) and choose the ‘Daily Average (Litres)’ option. The graph will then show you your average daily water use.

You can also see whether you are using more water than our water target per person.  Simply select the drop-down box and the red line will show how the average daily use per person in your household compares to the targeted daily use per person.

Why is my water use bill so high?
There are a number of factors that can contribute to your water use bill increasing in both the total dollar value and/or the kilolitres recorded.

Total dollar value increase

You can check your current bill and see if you have been charged at a higher price per kilolitre than you were on your previous account.

Water use is charged at an increasing price per kilolitre as you use more water during the reading year. The water use charge is reset at the lowest price per kilolitre when a new reading year commences on 1 July. The back of your residential water use bill will show you what rate you have been charged for your water use, as well as the anticipated rate you will be charged on your next bill.

You can check your current bill to see if you have been charged at the higher rate per kilolitre for the current reading period than that of the previous period by checking your previous bill.  Your past bills are available in the Account section of MyBusseltonWater.

It is also important to remember that more water is generally used in a reading period that includes hot summer months compared to cooler winter months. Consequently bills for more water used in hotter summer months may have a higher dollar value.

Total kilolitres increase

If there’s an unusual spike in the number of kilolitres of water you have used, it’s worth some quick questions:

  • Have you had any leaks or bursts repaired? You may be eligible for an allowance to offset the water lost provided a licensed plumber has made the repairs. We need you to complete the Leak Allowance Application Form found under Forms and Applications of the Busselton Water website and provide us with the plumber’s report for the leak or burst repairs.
  • Have you changed your watering patterns (e.g. new gardens/lawns or now use irrigation)?
  • Have you had any new fittings (e.g. taps) installed and/or internal pipes changed?
  • Have you filled a new pool or topped the pool level up more regularly?
  • Have you installed any new or additional appliances (e.g. dishwasher, washing machine)?
  • Do you think there was a meter reading error? To check, read your meter and compare it to the meter reading shown on the back of your bill. Your meter reading should be slightly higher than the reading shown on the bill. If the reading you have taken is less than the reading shown on the bill, a meter reading error may have been made. We need you to advise us.
  • Do you think you have a hidden internal leak? To check, turn off all taps and water-using devices and read the black and red numbers of your meter. Wait for at least 15 minutes (recommended one hour), and then read your meter again. If the numbers have changed, this test confirms you have a leak and we suggest that you employ a licensed plumber to locate the leak and repair it.

What does the ‘meter volume’ graph tell me?
The meter volume graph indicates the amount of water used at your property within a given period. Depending on the type of meter installed at your property, this will be shown as either monthly data or daily data. It will be different to what is on your water bill due to the time period covered – your bill shows total volume over a four month period, whereas this graph shows daily or monthly volume.

Why is no data showing up on my ‘Water Use for a Period’ page?
If there is no data available this could mean that there may have been a communication issue during the last meter reading. Please contact Busselton Water on 9781 0500.