Golden year for safety at Busselton Water

Busselton Water was awarded a WorkSafe Plan Gold Achievement Award on Monday (25 February) from WorkSafe Commissioner Darren Kavanagh, marking the local water provider’s premier commitment to demonstrating a best practice approach to safety and health.

Busselton Water CEO Chris Elliott said that the corporation’s overall assessment of 86% was a marked improvement on the 79% score achieved at the last assessment in 2016.

“This award is recognition of our growth, consistency and maturity in safety and health – and at the same time, reminds us that there is still room for improvement,” Mr Elliott said.

“I congratulate all of our staff and Board for this fantastic achievement and our ongoing safety performance.”

The WorkSafe Plan Achievement Awards are awarded after the completion of a rigorous bi-annual assessment.

The WorkSafe assessment comprises five elements which cover the organisation’s commitment to safety practices, planning, consultation and reporting, hazard management, and training and supervision.

Busselton Water achieved over 80 per cent across all five assessment areas and will look to attain a platinum certification in two-year’s time when the next assessment occurs.

This gold certification adds to the extensive list of safety achievements by the local water corporation including the recent Gold Safe Way Achiever Award and reaching 42 months Lost Time Injury free – a remarkable achievement for Busselton Water.

Board Chair Helen Shervington, WorkSafe Commissioner Darren Kavanagh, Busselton Water Planning and Safety Officer Jarrad Leaver and CEO Chris Elliott