New board appointments for Busselton Water

Busselton Water has continued to improve gender diversity in its ranks with the appointment of local small business owner Christine Kershaw to its Board.

Ms Kershaw’s appointment reinforces Busselton Water’s commitment to women in leadership and in the field. She joins long-standing Chair Helen Shervington on the Board and a 43 per cent strong female workforce across all areas of the organisation – including engineering, environmental science, operations and business services.

Christine studied urban and regional development and environmental management at university before training as a systems analyst, designing programs for a range of different industries. She is also the Chair of South West Catchment Council and Cape Naturalist College and was previously on the Regional Development Australia South West Board.

“I’ve worked across a whole range of industries because I like the variety – that’s why small business is so perfect for me. It also gives me the time and opportunity to focus on my education and environmental interests,” Christine said.

“I’m thrilled to join the Busselton Water Board as I’ve always had an interest in water resources management. While I was at university I actually did my research paper on the diminishing rainfall in the South West during the 1970s.

“I really believe that water management underlies all areas of resource management, so joining Busselton Water is fantastic as I can really get back to my water resources management roots.”

In other changes to the Board, Matt Walker was appointed Deputy Chair. Matt was first appointed to the Busselton Water Board in January 2013 and is an active community member having being involved in a range of community interests, events and activities since moving to Busselton in November 2005.

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Busselton Water Board over the past few years and I’m really pleased to be able to extend my contribution through the Deputy Chair role,” Matt said.

“I’ve already seen sweeping improvements across all areas of the business – from capital investment and technological advances through to improved business planning and customer service standards.  The next phase will undoubtedly be just as positive, and I’m looking forward to being a part of that.”

Helen Shervington thanked outgoing board member Paul Carter for his six and a half years of dedication and commitment to the organisation, noting that Paul had been instrumental in the governance and management of Busselton Water and its Audit Committee during his time on the Board.

Geoff Oddy has also been re-appointed to the Board after serving his first term. Geoff was first appointed to the Busselton Water Board in October 2014 and has an exceptionally strong and relevant background in water operations having previously worked as CEO of Aqwest and Acting CEO and Acting General Manager Operations for Busselton Water.

View Minister for Water’s statement about Busselton Water’s new board appointments here.

Matt Walker and Christine Kershaw