New watchful eye to assist local firefighters

Busselton Volunteer Fire and Rescue will have access to dash cam vision for the first time thanks to a grant from Busselton Water.

As a recipient of the Busselton Water Community Partnership Program, the volunteer service has purchased two new dash cameras for its trucks, along with memory cards and hard drives.

Busselton Volunteer Fire and Rescue Lieutenant Mark Box said that whilst the organisation receives funding from the Department of Fire and Emergency Services for operations and training, resources such as dash cameras are not included.

“We often rely on community support to fund projects like this, which in this instance will help us to record incidents and improve our driver training,” said Lieutenant Box.

“We’re really appreciative that Busselton Water has helped us out with this project.”

Busselton Water CEO Chris Elliott said the partnership between the local water provider and Volunteer Fire and Rescue is a timely reminder that the bushfire season has arrived and that during a bushfire water supplies cannot be guaranteed.

“Heavy draw on the water supply by firefighters and residents can lead to reduced water pressure during emergencies,” Mr Elliott said.

“If you live in a bushfire zone and plan to stay and actively defend your property during a bushfire, you will need to have an independent water supply.”

For more information about local water supply during a bushfire emergency, visit

Busselton Volunteer Fire and Rescue Lt Mark Box with Busselton Water CEO Chris Elliott