The Ancient Yarragadee aquifer

The Ancient Yarragadee aquifer

Busselton Water extracts water for the community from the Yarragadee aquifer – the oldest and most dependable aquifer for water supply in Western Australia.

The Yarragadee is also the largest confined aquifer in our region – reaching up to 1,700 metres in thickness and covering an area of 7,260 square kilometres. It contains around 1,267,000GL of fresh groundwater.

Aquifers are replenished by rainfall – but recharge into the Yarragadee is diminishing because of reduced rainfall in our region due to climate change.

Less rainfall due to climate change has meant that coastal saline water has migrated into the Yarragadee aquifer. Busselton Water’s own modelling shows that our coastal bore network is slowly being impacted by saltwater intrusion – meaning that the fresh water we draw from these bores, over time, will become salty and unsuitable for drinking.

Our efforts to be waterwise have never been more important. Together, we must work to preserve our drinking water source.