Wildlife rescuers armed for busy season

Daily rescues of injured animals has been made possible by the tireless work of volunteers from the Dunsborough and Busselton Wildlife Care Inc. and support from Busselton Water with 30 new animal carriers and catch equipment.

The volunteer organisation, which is dedicated to the rehabilitation and release of sick, injured, orphaned or displaces native wildlife, last year alone attended 1500 rescues.

Busselton Water Managing Director Chris Elliott expressed his gratitude to the volunteers of the Dunsborough and Busselton Wildlife Care Inc for their dedication to the rescue of local native animals.

“The Dunsborough and Busselton Wildlife Care Inc has been tirelessly rescuing animals stranded or displaced in this busy summer period from day-to-day accidents and injuries” said Mr Elliott.

“We’re pleased to be able to support such an important local group in our community who is ensuring our native wildlife is cared for and rehabilitated to protect the local ecosystem.”

Dunsborough and Busselton Wildlife Inc. President Sasha Boundy expressed her gratitude to Busselton Water for the new animal carriers which have been in use every day this year so far.

“We are so grateful for the support of Busselton Water – these animal carriers are absolutely perfect for all of our animal rescues from thin birds to pygmy possums,” Ms Boundy said. “They have been an absolute godsend through our busy period and our carers are delighted with them.”

If you find a sick or injured native animals which requires help please contact Dunsborough and Busselton Wildlife Care Inc on 0404 235 437 or the Wildcare Helpline on 9474 9055.

Dunsborough and Busselton Wildlife Care Inc is one of eight local community groups supported under Busselton Water’s Community Partnership Program.

For more information on Busselton Water’s Community Partnership Program visit busseltonwater.wa.gov.au.