Busselton’s precious groundwater

Busselton’s precious groundwater

In Busselton, our drinking water comes from groundwater. It is pumped from the Yarragadee aquifer by Busselton Water to homes and businesses across our region.

The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation is responsible for allocating and licensing groundwater use in Western Australia. There is a limit on the amount of groundwater that Busselton Water can extract from the Yarragadee to supply drinking water to our community.

Climate change is also having a profound effect on our groundwater supply. Hotter summers and lower rainfall mean our aquifer is not replenished as much, or as frequently, as it once was.

We all need to use groundwater wisely – our local community, tourists and visitors, government, businesses, industry and households all have a role to play to protect our precious groundwater.

Overuse can put pressure on the groundwater system and can also lead to water quality problems, including saltwater intrusion.

Water is core to life for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. Protecting and managing water is a custodial and intergenerational responsibility – and a commitment we share with our First Nations Peoples.

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